Middle schools update Board

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Administrators from Glacier Creek and Kromrey presented the school improvement team reports from their respective schools along with other information about the current school year at the Board of Education regular meeting on Monday, March 18.

Before the presentation, Superintendent George Mavroulis commended Kromrey principal Steve Soeteber, who is retiring at the end of the school year.

"It's been an honor to work in this District,'' Soeteber said.

Soeteber and Glacier Creek principal Ken Metz said each school has focused on three big areas: professional development,  Multi-Tiered Systems of Support and Professional Learning Communities.

The middle schools sent their respective school improvement teams to a PLC Conference in the summer. Norms were developed norms by departments or teams on the first professional development day of the school year. They then identified essential standards for every content area. The third step, which is just underway, is developing common, formative assessments. Soeteber said this will continue into the next year and he believes because they are created by staff they provide the most responsive and meaningful data.

Associate Principals Eric Engel (Kromrey) and Mary Summers Kern (Glacier Creek) reported on after school clubs and activities. Engel noted that the after school bus and extended day funds have provided flexibility for the creation of new positions. He offered praise for the STEM Club, which is new and started with 40 members and is now at more than 100.

"The programs help us reach different pockets of the population,'' said Engel, who also commended the Family Engagement Specialists for starting a number of new clubs.  

Kern said Glacier Creek now offers 46 clubs, including nine new ones in 2018-19. Participation has increased by about 20 percent over the past two years.

"We are really listening to our students and what they want and providing that,'' she said.

The middle schools also offer Root to Rise, which also involves high school students. Glacier Creek students are also mentoring some students from Park.

"It's really cool to see,'' Metz said.

Glacier Creek Dean of Students Dom Ricks said a goal has been to make teachers feel supported and keep children in the classrooms. He noted tardies are down 15 percent and behavioral referrals down nearly 25 percent. He also believes consistency has been key, while adding more culture-building is needed to make students feel more welcome.

Others who presented included Kromrey Dean of Students Brittany Plowe along with Glacier Creek Special Education Coordinator Adrienne Emerson and Kromrey Student Services Cooordinator Sarah PrankeKlang.