Middle schoolers star at Yahara River Writers Contest

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More than 25 middle school students placed in the top 10 of the Yahara River Writers Contest and attended a special ceremony at the Union South on the UW-Madison Campus on Wednesday, May 13.

The students wrote poems, short stories, editorials or created cartoon.  This contest includes thousands of students from all over southern Wisconsin, Advanced Learning Director Ruth Frawley said.

Glacier Creek winners included:  Bridget Holahan, Calli Whitehead, Ellie Newman, Grahm Stetzenbach, Jack Thompson, Jason Yang, Katy Bouril, Lauren Poehling, Michael Gustafson, Natalie McLain, Oleg Kolesnikov, Quint Dahman, Sarah Wood, Tayla Gattenby, Taylor Rough and Varun Gupta.

Kromrey winners included: Abby Burns, Cate Ohly, Celia Hiorns, Elizabeth Engle, Elle Underkofler, Elora Becker, Emma Kostecki, Gloria Jimenez, Hadley Braaten, Jaren Bresnick, Julia Compton.

Meanwhile, both middle schools will hold Fine Arts Nights next week. Kromrey's will be held on Monday, May 18 at the Performing Arts Center, while Glacier Creek's will be held on Wednesday, May 20 at the school's cafetorium. Both events start at 7 p.m.

The literary magazines for both Glacier Creek and Kromrey have been sent to print and invitations have gone out for all published students who are invited to each school's Fine Arts Nights.  These evenings will include chorus performances and a celebration of student writing and art.

The eighth-grade editors have had a leadership role in helping to promote and publish these magazines, Frawley said.

The Gallery staff at Kromrey includes: Hazel Adams, Jazmyn Babler, Elora Becker, Jack Briggs, Jordan Cheng, Michelle Chi, Megan Davey, Kirsten DeLeo, Quinn DeLaat, Jack Eggert, Madison Gentz, Sarah Gralnek, Kyia Gundlach, Quinn Harris, Mia Kim, Saemee Kim,
Grace Krenke, Olivia Larson, Aidan Lewandowski, Elizabeth Libert, Clara Nemr, Hanna Noughani, Aliyah Perry, Tess Postle, Amena Saleh, Ben Scher, Gabby Weber and Susanna Zheng.

The In Black & White staff at Glacier Creek includes: Abigail Bliss, Alexandra Bogner, Sophia Bote, Megan Chandler, Meghna Datta, Sarah DiMiceli, Apsara Dubas, Lucy Funk, Natalie Garton, Gino Gaxha, Megan Graham, Lauren Horst, Kyra Keenan, Veronica Kurr, Eric Molina, Paige Olson, Haley Osborne, Pete Pierantozzi, Will Pritchard, Gregory Scheer, Katie Sonday, Alexis Stahnke, Summer Williams, Sami Woldt and Sarah Wood.

Maeve Gonter

Megan Ludtke

Mia Kim

Noor Rajpal

Rithika Nurani

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