Kromrey holds Battle of the Books

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Eighth-graders Dheeraj Pasikanti, Jackson Heil, Elias Gold and Daniel Lee took first place in the senior division, while sixth-graders Harry Jin, Ryan Zhu, Owen Weisenberger and Ryan Slattery took first place in the middle division of the Kromrey Battle of the Books on Feb. 15.

The program is sponsored by the Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association.

The statewide Battle of the Books program is designed to promote a love of reading among our students. It encourages students to read a variety of books and helps to expose students to different authors and genres. It is a fun, academic-based competition that has been very successful in school districts throughout the state in encouraging students to read.
WEMTA sponsors three division -- elementary, middle and senior. In MCPASD, middle level includes students in grades 5-7, and eighth-graders read the senior level books.  The middle level participants read the Golden Archer nominated titles for the intermediate and junior high level plus 10 other titles which are determined by media specialists throughout the state. The senior division reading list aims to expose students to current award winning literature. The list incorporates awards such as Golden Archer, Newbery, Printz, Siebert and others.

The winning Kromrey teams teams will do online competitions this week with hundreds of team from all over the state.  

Special thanks to Nanci Marshall, Bets Pilon and parent Esther Kim for helping to run the events.

In other advanced learning news:

* Glacier Creek's Nihar Ballamudi, Caleb Sanders, Ian Lam, Kevin Wu and Dhruv Prakash and Kromrey's Grace Wu and Roddy McLellan advanced to the State MathCounts Competition to be held Saturday, March 2 in Sheboygan.

* Kromrey sixth-grader Ray Feinberg and Glacier Creek eighth-grader Jahnvi Datta placed in the top three at the Regional Spelling Bee this week and will advance to the State Spelling Bee on March 16 at Madison College.

* Celeste Li's play was selected as a finalist in the Children's Theatre of Madison'sSpring Playwrights Festival as part of the Young Playwrights for Change competition this school year.

Four other Kromrey students -- Baila Becker, London Williams, Caitlin Cason and Reilly Wagner -- received special recognition for their work.

In all, 35 Kromrey eighth-graders had their short plays selected to move on for consideration. CTM provides the opportunity through the support of a District Globalization Grant.  CTM also partners with the American Alliance for Theater & Education. This year's theme was "Discovering the Truth about Ourselves and Others.''

Kromrey students recognized were: Jasmine Shoates, Sydney Blindt, Arely Galan, Riley Howardsmith, Anika Cermak, Daniel Kim, Jordan LaScala, Aubrin Allison, Jessica Baer , Kaitlyn Ko, Elizabeth Lahaie
Maggie Bailey, Reilly Wagner, Caitlin Cason, Amanda Beckman, Peyton Howardsmith, Brock Paulisse, Chris Yang, Jenni Lopez, Hannah Nygard, Eve Kaegebain, Madeline Ancheta, Sam Prestigiacomo,  Jahnn Feliciano-Santiago, London Williams, Vera Akimova, Baila Becker, Claire Shin, Maya Benton, Lauren Li, Natalie Charles, Varsha Gouraram, Celeste Li, Gus Balasubramaniam and
Sneha Chandrashekar. 

The students participated in a special workshop with CTM staff at Kromrey on Nov. 30.