Kromrey 6th-grader wins spelling bee

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Kromrey sixth-grader Ray Feinberg took first place at the Middleton-Cross Plains District Spelling Bee on Wednesday, Jan. 16 at the Performing Arts Center.

Forty middle school students took part in the competition. These students had qualified for the bee by finishing in the top 20 at either Glacier Creek or Kromrey earlier in the school year. 

After many difficult  rounds, including vocabulary rounds, the following students placed in the top 12:

Place Name Grade School Place Name Grade School
1st Ray Feinberg 6th Kromrey 7th Norah Feinberg 5th Kromrey
2nd Roddy McLellan 7th Kromrey 8th Stephanie Kalscheuer 8th Glacier Creek
3rd Kevin Wu 7th Glacier Creek 9th Evelyn Washburn 7th Kromrey
4th Jahnvi Datta 8th Glacier Creek 10th Jackson Rademacher 8th Glacier Creek
5th Nikhil Quintin 6th Glacier Creek 11th Rishika Kommuri 6th Kromrey
6th Akshay Manna 6th Glacier Creek 12th Isha Chilukuri 7th Kromrey

The top eight finishers will advance to the Regional Spelling Bee, which will be held on Monday, Feb. 25 at Stoughton High School.  The next four students are alternates. 

The bee was run by the District advanced learning teachers including, Ruth Frawley, Jennifer Sadkovich and Diane Boles with help from retired educators Mary Jo Nelson and Pam Hotz, who served as moderator.