District teams win Mega Math Meets

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Two middle school teams won their respective age group Regional Math Meet competitions earlier this month at Kromrey.

The team of Amogh Akella, Micah Friedman, Miles Gustafson, Kavya Kashyap, Harry Jin, Venkat Peddinti, Li Ying, and Shreya Ramesh took first place at the meet for students in grades 5-6 on  Wednesday, April 24. They will advance to the Mega Math Meet to be held on Monday, May 20 at UW-Madison.

The team of Grace Wu, Ian Lam, Kevin Wu, Roddy McLellan, Kaitlin Ko, Caleb Sanders, Josh Chen, and Dheeraj Paskanti took first place at the meet for students in grades 7-8 on Thursday, April 25. They will advance to their Mega Meet on Wednesday, May 22 at Madison College (MATC). 

Forty-eight MCPASD students in grades 5-8 had a chance to participate with teams from Madison, Sun Prairie and Verona at the Regional Math Meets.

Three District students placed in the top five individually for grades 5-6:

Second place: Harry Jin (Kromrey sixth-grader)
Fourth place: Li Ying (Kromrey sixth-grader)
Fifth place: Jonathan Schecher (Glacier Creek sixth-grader)

Four MCPASD students placed in the top five individually for grades 7-8:

First place: Nihar Ballamudi (Glacier Creek eighth-grader)
Third place: Dheeraj Pasikanti (Kromrey eighth-grader)
Fourth place: Kevin Wu (Glacier Creek seventh-grader)
Fifth place: Grace Wu (Kromrey seventh-grader)
Meanwhile, Kromrey sixth-grader Harry Jin finished second overall at the Wisconsin State Geography Bee, which was held at the American Family Center in Madison on Friday, March 29.

Jin answered 7 of 8 questions correctly in the preliminary round, which qualified him for a tiebreaker round. He then advanced to the finals comprised of 10 students where he competed in 15 rounds of questions.

Glacier Creek eighth-grader Aditya Kamat was among the 100 other students to compete at the State Geography Bee. Jin and Kamat won their respective School Geo Bees in December. They then took an online exam to qualify for the state geography bee.

More than 100 MCPASD middle and high school students participated at the Wisconsin Future Problem Solving Program State Bowl on April 11-13 in Green Lake. The following District students placed:

Global Issues Problem Solving (individuals):
First place-Senior Division: MHS junior Maylynn Hu
Third place-Junior Division: Glacier Creek sixth-grader Jeremiah Kim  
Fourth place-Middle Division: MHS freshman Claire McClellan

Global Issues Problem Solving (teams):
Fourth place-Junior Division: Kromrey sixth-graders Izzy Bloch, Violet Gosch, Ian McGinley and Braedon Lukey

Magic Teams:
1st place: Kromrey sixth-graders Raghvi Sethi and Ryan Slattery
Second place: Kromrey sixth-graders Chris Kirk, Leah Saleh and Rishika Kommuri

Third place (tie): Glacier Creek eighth-graders Shradha Godishala, Sarah Ann Huber, Jahvi Datta and Kaelana Faessler
Third place (tie): Kromrey eighth-graders Kaitlyn Ko, Varsha Gouraram, Lily Bloch and Sneha Chandrashekar

Third place-Junior Division: Kromrey sixth-graders Keito Hatta, Ryan Slattery, Ryan Zhu, Parin Gouraram and Owen Lapcinski
Second place-Junior Division: Kromrey sixth-graders Braeden Lukey, Izzy Bloch, Violet Goscha and Ian McGinley 
Third place-Middle Division: Glacier Creek eighth-graders Shradha Godishala, Sarah Ann Huber, Jahnvi Datta and Kaelana Faessler
First place-Middle Division: Kromrey eighth-graders Ella Ryan, Anya Shaw and Amanda Beckman
First place-Senior Division: MHS sophomores Ian Bohachek, Trevor Chau, Akshita Pattnaik, Nikki Yu, Luke Whittingham and Jonah Guse

Second place Scenario Winner: Kromrey eighth-grader Sneha Chandrashekar
First place Scenario Team Writer: Kromrey eighth-grader - Craig Nielsen
Second place Scenario Team Writer: Kromrey seventh-grader Charlotte Kosek