District students fare well at regional math meet

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The Middleton Team 1 of Hansen Jin, Sanjay Suresh, Franklin Hu, Daphne Wu, Jonah Guse, Gene Kim, Samantha Burkard and Amber Kaplan took first place in grades 5-6 at the Regional Math Meet held last month at the Fitchburg Community Center.

The Middleton Team 1 of William Zhang, Anaka Srinivas, Stephen Shi, Maeve Gonter, Ben Scher, Erik Stewart, Hannah Wensing and Stephanie Huang took second place in grades 7-8 in the regional meet.

Three District teams in grades 5-6 and another three teams in grades 7-8 competed at the regional meet, which also involved middle school teams from from Sun Prairie, Verona Area and Madison Metropolitan. 

Both teams advanced to the Mega Meet. The Mega Meet for grades 5-6 will be held on May 21 at UW-Madison, while the meet for grades 7-8 will be held on May 22 at Madison College.

These students placed individually in the meet:

5-6 meet
Second place: Sanjay Suresh (fifth grade)
Fourth place: Jonah Guse (sixth grade)
Fifth place: Zinnia Nie (sixth grade)

7-8 meet
Second place: Ben Scher (eighth grade)
Fourth place: William Zhang (seventh grade)