Assembly line comes alive at Kromrey

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Eighth-grade students in Jeremy Dimpfl's Gateway to Technology class at Kromrey recently designed and built a simulate automated assembly line.

The block that went through the simulated assembly line was designed and 3D printed on the Dremel 3D40 3D printer, which was purchased through a grant from the Alliant Energy Foundation thanks to the efforts of the MCPASD Education Foundation.

Students were put into groups where they learned what their task for the block would be. Using Project Lead the Way-based curriculum, students utilized VEX robotics equipment to design and build their work cells, based on what their assigned task was.

Once the groups figured ou the order of the tasks, Dimpfl said, they had to communicate with the groups ahead or behind them to make sure there woudl be a smooth transition from one conveyor belt to the other.

"Students enjoyed the fact there was no 'right' way to simulate their task and could be creative in making this happen,'' Dimpfl said. "The creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking with this project was in full force from start to finish."

Students were also required to present and explain how the assembly line worked, Dimpfl added.

After many practice runs, students presented their work cells/assembly line to a full room of fifth-grade students, teachers and administrators.

"They did an outstanding job,'' Dimpfl said.