Clubs and Activities

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The following is a listing of clubs, activities and sports planned for the 2011-2012 school year. A minimum enrollment may be required for a sport/club to be held. Fees per activity: Athletics- $36.00, Clubs- $21.00, and Intramurals- $15.00. An interest inventory sign-up day will occur on Information Day in August. Further details on all activities will be provided to families via daily announcements, closer to the start date of each activity.

Students joining an after school activity (club, sport or intramural) will be expected to turn in the following before the second meeting of the group:

a. Completed physical card or alternate year card for any activity that can be considered a sport- whether it is a club, intramural or atheletic activity.

b. Completed emergency card.

c. Fee for activity has been paid.


Art Club: Art club meets after school during the months of September thru March. Club activities enrich and extend the school curriculum.

Book Club: Read and discuss books in the library.

Broadway Express: Broadway Express is a singing/dancing/acting club that will meet after school to prepare "pop" music and/or music scenes from Broadway shows. Broadway Express is open to any student in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. There will be approximately 10 rehearsals and a performance during either the winter or spring choral concert. More information will be made available via the school announcements before the first rehearsal begins.

Builder's Club: Builder's Club is a service club open to all grade levels. This group serves the local community with hands-on volunteering and the global community in raising awareness and raising funds. Some past activities include serving MOM food pantry, raking leaves, holding a fundraiser and food drive and making blankets for children. Builders Club meets once a month and has volunteering activities once or twice a month on average.

Forensics: Forensics is the art of speaking. Participants select one or more categories in which they wish to compete. Speaking areas are storytelling, radio, T.V. broadcasting, play acting, and others. Participants are judged and awarded ribbons. Club meets from November-- January. Meets are held on Saturday mornings.

Foreign Language Club:Foreign Language Club meets one time per month after school. The club focuses on various cultures through hands on activities like cooking or arts and crafts. Students DO NOT need to be enrolled in a foreign language to participate in this club.

Ski Club: Ski trips are open to all students. Four ski trips will be taken to Devil's Head Ski Resort during the month of January. Trips are held on Friday nights. Buses depart school at 5pm and return to school at 10:30pm. Payment information for the trips will be announced during the fall. Sign-up occurs in December. No Club Fee.

Student Council: Student Council meets before school during the school year. 7th/8th graders were selected through a nomination and writing exercise at the conclusion of last year. Student Council members plan and coordinate school dances and other school activities. In the past, they have raised money for charities, attended leadership workshops, and worked with teachers and administration to resolve school problems. No activity fee is charged. 6th graders will have an opportunity to be on Student Council with a nomination process in Social Studies class at the beginning of the school year.

Weight Training: Weight Training Club is open to all 7th and 8th graders. They meet in the mornings before school. This club runs for six weeks and starts in January.

Yearbook: Students work with an advisor to produce the yearbook. Writing, photography, layout and typing are activities involved with the yearbook production. Student groups meet as appropriate to complete tasks before deadlines. Students will also meet as a large group periodically. No activity fee is charged.

Interscholastic Sports: This involves competition with schools in the middle level Badger Conference. No student will be allowed to participate without a current physical card. Physicals are valid for 2 years. If a student had a physical last year, a signed alternate year card will be required for the second year. A student must participate in a minimum number of practices before he/she can participate in a game according to WIAA rule. The fee is $36.00 per sport.

Cross Country: Cross Country is an interscholastic sport for 7th and 8th graders and is considered an intramural sport for 6th graders; the difference being that the 6th graders do not travel and compete against other schools. This sport involves training for long distance running. Cross-country runs from September-October.

Gymnastics: Gymnastics is offered as an intramural sport for all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, and the 6th grade group is co-ed. Students have the opportunity to develop basic fundamental skills of the game and develop team work necessary for competition. 6th grade runs the month of September. 7th and 8th grade runs the month of October.

Track and Field: This is an interscholastic sport for 7th and 8th graders. Participants may enter two running events and one field event or one running and two field events. The running events include short and long distance races plus relays. Field events include shot put, discus, long jump, and high jump. We have meets with other schools plus the exciting Middleton Boys and Girls Track Invitational. Track is held April-May.

Wrestling: Wrestling is an interscholastic sport for 7th and 8th graders with the 6th graders participating as intramural. It is coached through the wrestling program at Middleton High School. 6th graders do not wrestle at meets unless agreed upon by both schools. Wrestling runs October-December.

Other School Activities to Get Involved In:

Battle of the Books: Both district middle schools run Battle of the Books programs. Interested students in teams of four undertake reading the 12 books on the booklist for their grade, and participate in three winter events culminating in a competition with students from both Kromrey and Glacier Creek.

Brain Bowl: Brain Bowl is a popular, week-long timed, single-elimination competition. Four person teams compete against each other on such topics as literature, math, geography, languages, history and trivia. Students in all grades are eligible to participate in this school-wide event.

Geography Bee: Open to all Glacier Creek students. Students who wish, participate in qualifying rounds in the classroom and finalists move on to compete at the all school Geo Bee and beyond to the Regional and State competitions.

Odyssey of the Minds: Seventh grade students at Glacier Creek are eligible to participate in this creative problem solving and team building day which is held atUnion South on the UW-Madison Campus.

Spelling Bee: Open to all Glacier Creek students. Students who wish, participate in qualifying rounds in their classrooms and finalists move on to compete at the all school Spelling Bee and beyond to the Regional and State competitions.

Yahara River Writers Program: Each fall semester many English teachers and the G&T Resource teacher work with students to create pieces for the Yahara River Writer's Contest. Students may enter this county-wide contest with short stories, cartoons, editorials or poetry.