Health Office

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The Health Office is located near student services. A staff member will be on hand during schools hours to address any health needs students may have. Students using the health office need a pass from a teacher. (Students should not report to the health office between classes.)


Attendance is taken every class period. Wisconsin School Attendance Law states that all students are expected to attend school regularly when school is in session (Go to: for more information). You are expected to attend school every day, except for illness, medical appointments, or a family emergency. If it is necessary for you to miss school, please have a parent or guardian call the attendance line at 829-9050. If calling after 9:00 a.m., dial 829-9423.Absence: When an absence is necessary, parents or guardians must notify school by 9:00 a.m. on the day of the absence. If parents or guardians do not call the school when you are absent, a call will be made to your parent or guardian at home or work. Students with an excused absence from school will have the number of days absent plus one day to make up work missed.

Planned or Extended Absences: If you know ahead of time that you will be absent for an extended time, please notify the attendance office in writing so your student has sufficient time to obtain course-work from all of his/her teachers. Extended absences will require you to do a “homework form” and obtain office approval.

Permission to leave school—In all situations, you must sign out before leaving school. When a doctor or dentist appointment is necessary during the school day, the student must bring a written, dated and signed note from a parent/guardian to the main office prior to the start of school in the morning (between 7:55 a.m. – 8:10 am). Students will be given a pass to leave the building. When it is time for the student to leave, they should present the permit to leave to the teacher. Students then come to the main office and sign out. When they return, they will need to come to the office, sign in, and get a pass to re-enter class. If you get sick while at school, you must go to the health office. The health assistant will speak to your parent or guardian, and then you must sign out in the attendance office.

What to do when your child is ill

The District Health office has posted some useful Q & A on its health office page (District site) 

The District health office recently posted an Influenza toolkit on its downloads page to help you when your child is ill.  Another document on cold and flu guidelines deals specifically with our District.