Yahara River Writing top finishers honored

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Nineteen middle school students were honored at the Yahara Rivers Writers Contest special ceremony at Union South on the UW-Madison campus on Tuesday, May 9.

The students all finished in the top 10 of their respective categories: poems, short stories, editorials or created cartoons or other art work for divider pages. The contest includes thousands of students from all over southern Wisconsin.

The District students recognized were:

Student School Grade Student School Grade
Genevieve Eck Glacier Creek 5th Kaitlin Haag Glacier Creek 5th
Abdul-Jaleel Zainoba Glacier Creek 6th Mikaela Roth Glacier Creek 6th
Emerson Scoenke Glacier Creek 6th Oliver Ehrhardt Glacier Creek 6th
Sydney Meicher Glacier Creek 6th Braxton Wild Glacier Creek 5th
Sarah Ann Huber Glacier Creek 6th Lily Noak Glacier Creek 8th
Talia Dolin Kromrey 7th Lynnea Colbert Kromrey 8th
Sam Eggert Kromrey 8th Rachel Ryan Kromrey 8th
Amanda Tung Kromrey 8th Hank Riter Kromrey 8th
Gus McDonough Kromrey 8th Ashwika Chavan Kromrey 8th
Torii Haney Kromrey 8th      

Advanced Learning specialist Ruth Frawley, who works at Glacier Creek and Kromrey, offered special thanks to teachers Jen Sadkovich, Amy Weber, Marilyn Sharrow, Melanie Chanos, Carrie Murphy,  Diane Boles and Emily Stousland for helping with this event and to all the District literacy teachers who encouraged students to create submissions for the contest.