Winners add up at District Math Meet

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One hundred and 20 students in grades 5-8 from Glacier Creek and Kromrey participated in the District Math Meets at the District Administrative Center in March.

Sixty students in grades 7-8 competed in five math events, including problem-solving and mental math on Monday, March 16. Sixty students in fifth- and sixth-grade took their turn at the meet on Friday, March 20.

To see more photos from the meets, please visit the District's Facebook page.

The top 12 students from each grade will move on to the Regional Math Meet in April. Here are the final results:

  8th grade 7th grade 6th grade 5th grade
1 Ben Scher William Zhang Jonah Guse Hansen Jin
2 Erik Stewart Anaka Srinivas Gene Kim Sanjay Surest
3 Hannah Wensing Stephen Shi Samantha Burkard Franklin Hu
4 Stephanie Huang Maeve Gonter Amber Kaplan Daphne W
5 Brandon Dunk Max Balasubramaniam Yousef Gadalla Josh Sampson
6 Alton Yan Alec Inman Zinnia Nie Amanda Zhu
7 Sam Gessler Ashton Johnson Akshita Pattnaik Jacob Mandelbrot
8 Jack Mondi Maylynn Hu Eddie Zhang Clay Kaufman
9 Tony Tu Jimmy Chen Ben Smith Alex Seaborg
10 Ben Peterson Stephen Liu Trevor Chau Tyler Spaeth
11 Ian Casper Sam Engler Phillip Mackey David Ma
12 Andrew Lund Caleb Nutini Jeremy Cho Max Marquardt
1st alt. Kyra Keenan Cian Carlson Zach Yosick Amelia Morner
2nd alt. Jack Eggert Akshay Kelshiker, GC Ian Bohachek Gavin McEllistrem

Kromrey also held its annual Brain Bowl competitions this week and 168 students participated.

There were 20 teams in grades 7-8 and 22 teams in grades 5-6. Brain Bowl is a week-long, timed, single-elimination trivia competition. Four-person teams compete against each other on topics such as literature, math, geography, languages, history and trivia.  
The final rounds for both divisions were held in the gym in from of large school audiences on March 27.  The team of Max Balasubramaniam, Hanna Noughani, Emmy Peebles and Casey Hodgman beat the team of David Whittingham, Mia Kim, Aidan Lewandowski and Jordan Cheng in the 7-8 competition. The team of Akshita Pattnaik, Ella Hursh, Jonah Guse and Trevor Chau narrowly beat the team of Sam Gustafson, Franklin Hu, Fei Smith and Catie Harris in the 5-6 final.