Students re-enact Battle of Gettysburg

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Glacier Creek seventh-graders participated in the Battle of Gettysburg on Monday, April 4 in Ann Hague's classese.

The experience was part of a unit on the Civil War. The experiential exercise involved military commands such as forming ranks, standing at attention, standing at parade rest, Hague said. 

During the simulation, students followed the orders of their captains with the help of enforcement by their first lieutenants. Students were also asked to write a letter home in case they died at Gettysburg. They also fought in a "battle"  using paper balls instead of anything that could actually cause bodily harm and acted out their fate, which was predetermined by a fate card. Some students died on the battlefield, some faced injuries but lived, and some were unscathed. 

After the re-enactment, the students discussed the experience and reflected on what it would have actually been like for those who fought.  

During third hour MHS senior Kyle Shimniok participated. He has been a Civil War re-enactor for the Iron Brigade since he was an eighth-grader at Glacier Creek. He has participated in re-enactments as far away as Gettysburg, Pa. Shimniok demonstrated key military commands, explained the reason for formations, and allowed students to ask questions of his experiences as a re-enactor and his uniform.