Possible remodel for Glacier Creek LMC

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Director of Elementary Teaching & Learning Sherri Cyra, Technology Services Director Jim Blodgett and Glacier Creek library media specialist Kim Stieber-White presented information on a proposed remodel of the Glacier Creek library-media center to the Board of Education at its regular meeting on Monday, April 13.

Cyra said all of the District library media centers are in their third year of curriculum renewal. The process has allowed the District to look at spaces to see what works well and what doesn't. She pointed out there are limitations with the physical space and furniture at Glacier Creek that don't exist at Kromrey, which has a large learning commons that was built as part of the successful referendum in 2012.

She and others have done extensive research and toured some school library media centers in the state. Glacier Creek was built in 1996 and the LMC was created to accommodate 750 students. Enrollment at the school is nearing 1,000 so the current space doesn't fit the needs of a 21st century LMC, she said. When it was built, it also wasn't set up to support electronic devices. She also said the shelves need to be lowered so fifth- and sixth-graders can access them.

"We want a space that supports flexibility and collaboration,'' she said.

Cyra spent 5 minutes walking the Board through the potential redesign of the Glacier Creek LMC and also shared ideas about new furniture, which would be similar to what is at Kromrey.

The Finance Committee discussed the remodel at its meeting earlier in the evening. Assistant Superintendent for Business Services Tom Wohlleber said he is confident the vast majority of contingency funds left from the referendum could be used for this because the middle school building projects are far enough long that there shouldn't be any surprise expenditures.

Superintendent Don Johnson would like to have formal approval completed at the next Board meeting in order to have the work completed before students return in the fall.