Middle school students compete in District Math Meet

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More than 200 middle school students competed in the District Math Meets this week at the District Administrative Center.

In all, 240 students in grades 5-8 at Glacier Creek and Kromrey participated. Students competed in team and individual competitions, solving a variety of problems over five rounds.

The top 12 scorers in each grade will progress to the regional competitions to be held in Sun Prairie on April 19 (grades 5-6) and April 20 (grades 7-8). Based on performance at those meets, students can then advance to the Mega Math Meets at Madison College on May 24 (grades 7-8) or UW-Madison on May 26 (grades 5-6).

Fifth grade School Sixth grade School
1. Ben Friedl Glacier Creek 1. Hansen Jin Kromrey
2. Jackson Rademacher Glacier Creek 2. Katy Bouril Glacier Creek
3. Dhruv Prakash Glacier Creek 3. Nico Tangwell Kromrey
4. Nihar Ballamudi Glacier Creek 4. Franklin Hu Kromrey
5. Joshua Chen Kromrey 5. Harsha Chilakapati Glacier Creek
6. Gus Balasubramaniam Kromrey 6. Sanjay Suresh Kromrey
7. Celeste Li Kromrey 7. Mihir Manna Glacier Creek
8. Kevin Song Glacier Creek 8. Helen Zhang Kromrey
9. Caleb Sanders Glacier Creek 9. Erin Gonter Kromrey
10. Nathan Ma Kromrey 10. Sadie Symonds Glacier Creek
11. Natalie Charles Kromrey 11. Saketh Peddireddy Glacier Creek
12. Jonathan Kim Kromrey 12. Mia Burkholder Glacier Creek
1st alt. Gretchen Gustafson Kromrey 1st alt. Kevin Spahn Glacier Creek
2nd alt. Biagio Gargano Glacier Creek 2nd alt. Lili Roden Kromrey

First-place team: Ben Friedl (GC), Kevin Song (GC), Gus Balasubramaniam (KMS), Carson Lyons ((KMS), Katy Bouril (GC), Sadie Symonds (GC), Erin Gonter (KMS), and Helen Zhang (KMS).

Second-place team: Nihar Ballamudi (GC), Connor Moore (GC), Heidi Lim (KMS), Natalie Charles (KMS), Paul Allen (GCMS), Saketh Peddireddy (GC), Evelyn Anderson (KMS), and Lili Roden (KMS).

Seventh grade School Eighth grade School
1. Jonah Guse Kromrey 1. Noah Ehrhardt Glacier Creek
2. Yale Huang Kromrey 2. Anaka Srinivas Glacier Creek
3. Edwin Zhan Glacier Creek 3. Rupa Ballamudi Glacier Creek
4. Akshita Pattnaik Kromrey 4. Egan Johnson Kromrey
5. Zinnia Nie Glacier Creek 5. Akshay Keishiker Glacier Creek
6. Gene Kim Kromrey 6. William Zhang Kromrey
7. Ian Bohachek Glacier Creek 7. Stephen Shi Kromrey
8. Ben Smith Glacier Creek 8. Aniket Ahuja Glacier Creek
9. Michael Zeimentz Glacier Creek 9. Anna Paulsen Kromrey
10. Alex Starr Kromrey 10. Ella Roach Kromrey
11. Sophie Taylor Kromrey 11. Jimmy Chen Kromrey
12. Rose Giefer Glacier Creek 12. Maeve Gonter Kromrey
1st alt. Yousef Gadalla Glacier Creek 1st alt. Alec Inman Kromrey
2nd alt. Samantha Burkard Glacier Creek 2nd alt. Stephen Liu Glacier Creek

First-place team: Trevor Chau (KMS), Yale Huang (KMS), Zach Yosick (GC), Michael Zeimentz (GC), Julia Reisinger (KMS), Elena Sacchetti (KMS), Akshay Kelshiker (GC), Braedon Giles (GC).

Second-place team:  Akshita Pattnaik (KMS), Erin Tankersley (KMS), Ben Smith (GC), Edwin Zhang (GC), Andrew Kruck (KMS), Raad Allawi (KMS), Sam Larson (GC) & Aedan Moore (GC)

Thanks so much to math teachers, Jenna Degner, Carrie Murphy, Lisa Webber, Amy Weber, Tanya Thuesen, Courtney Moser, Erin Bares, Marlene Feinstein, Matt Hayden, Sonja Hungness, Bill Luebke, Brian Stubbe, advanced learning teachers Diane Boles, Amy Galassi, Jen Sadkovich and Emily Stousland for helping with the math meets and also to many parents who volunteered to help as well, middle school advanced learning specialist Ruth Frawley said.