Glacier Creek supports H2O for Life

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Glacier Creek raised nearly $4,000 in 2018 for the H2O for Life program and has raised close to $25,000 over the past nine years, staff member Tracy Dahl said.

The fundraising efforts started nine years ago as a part of what was Builders Club. Two years later, Dahl and Lyndsey Ebben took over the efforts. Ebben had heard Linda Sue Park speak about her book "A Long Walk to Water" at a conference, and was excited about how combine service learning with work in literacy, including environmental persuasive papers, and an ecology unit in science.

"There is no way it would be as successful as it is if the entire staff of GCMS wasn't so supportive of the project,'' Dahl said.

She has also been pleased to see students get a better appreciation of some of the disparities in the world and the hardships faced by others. 

"They are horrified when they find out that children in other parts of the world spend hours just to fetch unclean water,'' Dahl said.  

That isn't the only lesson students are learning, she said.

"It makes them more aware of the world around them,'' Dahl said. "We spend time talking about where our partner schools are, and what families' lives are like there. It also opens their eyes to injustice both far away and here at home. They are astonished and excited that they have the power to make positive changes in the world.

"To have raised almost $25,000 and improved water and sanitation in 16 schools in 9 years is a huge achievement.  I think it speaks to the commitment  of the Glacier Creek community and  their passion to make a positive difference in the world.''