Glacier Creek pursues possible UW partnership

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UW-Madison assistant professor Andy Garbacz and Glacier Creek associate principal Ken Metz presented information on a possible partnership at the Board of Education regular meeting on Monday, Nov. 6.
Garbacz, who works in the psychology department, said the partnership focuses on building positive school-family connections. The project involves working with students who are having behavioral issues in middle school and provide them with support across home, school and other settings.
The project is in its second year of a four-year plan. Year 1 was focused on partnering with students, teachers, administrators and find out their concerns. He wants the project to include evidence-based interventions and positive practices. Year 2 narrows the number of people involved and the program will expand next year while evaluating effectiveness of program. In the final year, his team will follow up with individuals to find out how they are doing.

"We want to sustain this long-term and find out if we are preventing these problems,'' Garbacz said.

Metz has gone through student behavioral data and identified families who might be interested. He plans to  contact families to see if they are interested. Metz also said information will remain confidential unless a family agrees to participate.

"We're excited about the possibilities for learning and the voice that parents are getting in this process,'' Metz  said.

Garbacz said everything that is created in this process, including intervention tool kits and strategies, will be shared with District. He also noted that families will be paid to participate. His team wants to spend time understanding their experiences and goals in order to build trust with the families. The effectiveness of the program will be assessed through parent and teacher reports on social behavior, he said.