Glacier Creek, Kromrey students fare well in writing contest

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More than Glacier Creek and Kromrey middle school students' work was honored recently in the Yahara River Writers Contest.  

The students placed in the top 10 for poetry, short story, editorial or cartoon. The contest includes thousands of students from all over southern Wisconsin. They will be invited to attend the Top 10 Writers Workshop and Awards Ceremony on May 13 at the Union South on the UW-Madison campus.

Glacier Creek: Bridget Holahan, Calli Whitehead, Ellie Newman, Grahm Stetzenbach, Jack Thompson, Jason Yang, Katy Bouril, Lauren Poehling, Michael Gustafson, Natalie McLain, Oleg Kolesnikov, Quint Dahman, Sarah Wood, Tayla Gattenby, Taylor Rough and Varun Gupta.

Kromrey: Abby Burns, Cate Ohly, Celia Hiorns, Elizabeth Engle, Elle Underkofler, Elora Becker, Emma Kostecki, Gloria Jimenez, Hadley Braaten, Jaren Bresnick, Julia Compton, Maeve Gonter, Megan Ludtke, Mia Kimm, Noor Rajpal, Rithika Nurani, Vivian Wagner, Yale Huang and Zeke Zabrowski.

Meanwhile, 36 students in grades 4-6 participated in the Math 24 Regional Competition on March 4 at Union South. Glacier Creek sixth-grader Edwin Zhang took first place in his competition room. Other District students to place in the top six included: 

Second place: Kevin Song, Sunset Ridge fourth-grader; Sohail Shaik, Glacier Creek sixth-grader.
Third place: Mackenzie Sloan, Sunset Ridge fourth-grader.
Fourth place: Ian Bohachek, Glacier Creek sixth-grader.
Fifth place: Ben Smith, Glacier Creek sixth-grader.
Sixth place: Jenna Rogers, Sunset Ridge fourth-grader; Luke Brandon, Glacier Creek sixth-grader.

In other Advanced Learning news:

* Fourth-graders William Bush, Keira Calder, Shradha Godishala, Ben Hanson, Amy Li, Conner Elias Moore, Joseph Schwartz, and Grace Zimmerman won a haiku writing contest sponsored by the Greater Dane County Advanced Learner's Network and will have their work published book of their poetry. They will also be honored along with winners from around the county in April at a poetry reading held in Madison's Eagle School.

* Glacier Creek fifth-grader Varun Gupta took first place at Regional Spelling Bee, while Glacier Creek eighth-grader Meghna Datta finished second.  Both students will advance to the State Spelling Bee, which will be held on March 28 at Madison College.

* Kromrey eighth-grader Sam Miller and Glacier Creek seventh-grader Graham Butler have qualified for the State Geo Bee. The boys won their respective school Geo Bees in December and took a written test in January to see if they would qualify for state, which will be held March 27 at the American Family headquarters in Madison.