Glacier Creek hosts equity forum

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Eighth-graders Julia Vondrak and Guille Mancillas led a Culturally Awareness teaching forum at Glacier Creek on Wednesday, May 30.

“We hope to continue the conversation of student engagement and equity. We would like you to learn new techniques or learn directly from your students what can help them learn,” said Vondrak when introducing the panel and event. 

The panel was comprised of four students from sixth, seventh, and eighth grade from Glacier Creek as well as two high school seniors, Chann Bowman and Anahi Mancillas the co-presidents of Black Studen Union at MHS. Vondrak and Mancillas went through a series of questions for the student panel to answer.

Following that, a couple of teachers asked questions and Antonio Hoye, the student engagement specialist at MHS, and Percy Brown, the director of equity and student engagement for the District, made closing remarks on the event.

Close to 30 Glacier Creek staff members attended the forum along with members of the District Services team.

The forum was a result of a 20 percent time project in Jaye Barbeau’s eighth-grade English class.

“I feel the Equity Forum/student panel was amazingly valuable,'' Glacier Creek seventh-grade teacher Michelle Schreier said. "It's incredible to have students answering a series of questions originated by the people who created the forum. This helps teachers to learn about kids and get their perspectives without really being involved in questioning, etc. I also think the part where teachers could ask questions was super valuable.  I enjoyed being able to ask questions of kids in this type of setting.”

Added school counselor Tim Ashe: “The equity forum was an amazing opportunity to hear from middle and high school students as they talked about their experiences being a student of color in the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District. The forum allowed staff to hear directly from the students on topics ranging from thoughts on education to school climate. It was a powerful event that opened the eyes of every staff member in attendance.”