Glacier Creek holds speech competition

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The Glacier Creek sixth-grade team  held its second annual Soapbox Speech final competition on Wednesday, March 11.

Project Soapbox is a public speaking competition facilitated by Mikva Challenge that calls for young people to speak out on issues that impact them and their communities. These speeches can have lasting, transformative impacts on classrooms, schools and communities, Glacier Creek sixth-grade teacher Kelly Kliefoth said.

The competition involved a group of eighth-grade students who were selected to lead a speaking workshop for sixth-graders as preparation for the top 12 Sixth Grade Soapbox Speech competition that was held on Wednesday in the school cafetorium. The top sixth-grade speakers were each able to present their speech in front of this small group, and were able to get feedback from their grade-level peers as well as the eighth-grade mentors.

This proved to be a worthwhile workshop for our young, passionate speakers because when they showed up for their grade-level performance, they conquered the stage and left our audience to ponder their positions on serious, sometimes worldwide, issues,'' Kliefoth said.

The students' task was to present their evidence, and through a call-to-action, empower the audience to go out into the world to make a difference, and with that task they succeeded with an unbelievable amount of passion and poise, Kliefoth added.

Logan Borgmeyer took first place, while Natalie Kleine was second and Grace Kalscheuer third.