Forty advance to District Spelling Bee

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Forty middle school students advanced out of their respective school spelling bees earlier this month to the District Spelling Bee, which will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 16 at the Performing Arts Center.

Suhas Pulivarthy took first place in the Glacier Creek competition, while Stephanie Kalscheuer was the runner-up. Isha Chilukuri captured first place in the Kromrey competition, while Chris Yang took second.

Here are the students to advance to the District Spelling Bee:

Glacier Creek: Suhas Pulivarthy, Stephanie Kalscheuer, Nikhil Quintin, Beckett Reppen, Jahvi Datta, Hannah Poehling, Akshay Manna, Dhruv Prakash, Kevin Wu, Jackson Rademacher, Radhika Gupta, Nolan Johnson, Kavya Kashyap, Jonathan Schecher, Bethany Wareing, Maille Miller, Nicky Westerlund, Arya Girirajan, Nihar Ballamudi and Gia Shah.

Kromrey: Isha Chilukuri, Chris Yang, Roddy McLellan, Mohit Tankala, Grace Wu, Hannah Lister, Evelyn Washburn, Teddy Raatz, Naveed Ansari, Dima Llanos, Rishika Kommuri, Ray Feinberg, Shay Roy-Lewis, Anna Kirker, Norah Feinberg, Majd Allawi, Isa Killian, Edward Yao, Kate Buckley and Bryce Hayden.

Special thanks to all the staff who helped with the bees: Barb Snell, Teryl Russell, Kelly Kliefoth, Tim Barsness, Todd Duquette, Mindy Sabol, Sue Soloninka, Ann Redmond, Jerry Schmidlkofer, Shelley Festge, Jaclyn Fallin, Sue Giles and Tom Gundeck, along with parent volunteers Laura Edmonds, Rhonda Garver, Rashiqa Kamal and Vera Tsenkova.

Meanwhile, Glacier Creek and Kromrey also held School Geo Bees this week. Aditya Kamat (Glacier Creek) and Harry Jin (Kromrey) won their respective bees, and will take a written test in January to try and qualify for the State Geo Bee, which is scheduled to be held on March 29. The national championship is scheduled to be held May 19-22 in Washington, D.C.

Here are the finalists for each school:

Glacier Creek: Aditya Kamat (first place), Nolan Johnson (second place), Teddy Burkard, Mawuenam Dossa, Hunter Gruba, Nathan Kwon, Isaac Nichols, Akshar Oza, Hannah Poehling, Suhas Pulivarthi, Nikhil Quintin, Vijay Roy, Amber Wickre, Austin Wildman and Isabella Woods.

Kromrey: Harry Jin (first place), Daniel Lee (second place), Amogh Akella, Niko Anderson-Radeg, Jack Asmus, Patrick Feagan, Mikael Hauser, Thomas Kydd, Cameron Little, Abhi Mundas, Sam Nenide, Raju Rawal, Mohit Tankala, Henry Wagener, Owen Weisenberger and Ryan Zhu.

Special thanks to staff who helped with the bees: Ann Hague, Teryl Russell, Erin Bares, Emma Buchholz, Todd Duquette, Sue Giles, Jeannine Griffith, Colleen Schmidt, Alex Arndt and Tom Gundeck, along with parent volunteer Sameer Kamat.

Kromrey's Hansen Jin won the 2018 Wisconsin State Geo Bee. The Geo Bee is sponsored by the National Geographic Society. Visit their website to learn more.