District students fare well at two regional events

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Nine 50 District students, led by Kromrey sixth-grader Karen Liu's first-place finish, finished among the top six in the Math 24 regional competition on Tuesday, March 24 at Union South on the UW-Madison campus.

In all, 45 District students in grades 4-6 participated. The students competed against others from across southern Wisconsin. District students who placed among the top six in their divisions included:

Second place: Henry Bohachek (Park)
Third place: Mckenzie Pertzborn (Park)
Fifth place: Jake Leslie (Park)
Sixth place: Bowen Li (Sauk Trail)

Second place: Dhruv Prakash (Glacier Creek)

First place: Karen Liu (Kromrey)
Third place: Varun Gupta (Glacier Creek)
Fourth place: Kevin Spahn (Glacier Creek)
Sixth place: Franklin Hu (Kromrey)

Meanwhile, 26 Glacier Creek and Kromrey students had their work selected as part of the Yahara River Writers Contest

These students placed in the top 10 for poetry, short story, editorial or cartoon. The contest includes thousands of students from all over southern Wisconsin. 

They will be invited to attend the Top 10 Writers Workshop and Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 4 at Union South on the UW-Madison campus.

Student Category School Grade
Alex Weiss Editorial Kromrey 5th
Anna Mintz Editorial Kromrey 7th
Julia Compton Editorial Kromrey 8th
Shruti Parthasarathy Editorial Glacier Creek 8th
Joe Schwartz Poetry Glacier Creek 5th
Sarah Ann Huber Poetry Glacier Creek 5th
Nancy Williams Poetry Kromrey 6th
Bridget Holahan Poetry Glacier Creek 7th
Vivian Wagner Poetry Glacier Creek 7th
Bjaka Zahed Poetry Kromrey 8th
Joey Kean Poetry Kromrey 8th
Ben Keith Story Glacier Creek 5th
Maddie Bremer Story Kromrey 5th
Lauren Laufenberg Story Glacier Creek 6th
Eugenia Bukhman Story Glacier Creek 7th
Maeve Gonter Story Kromrey 8th
Naiya Rajpal Cartoon Kromrey 5th
Daphne Wu Cartoon Kromrey 6th
Geena Bertalot Cartoon Kromrey 7th
Jonah Guse Cartoon Kromrey 7th
Noah Ehrhardt Cartoon Glacier Creek 8th
Katie Frye Cartoon Kromrey 8th
Samantha McCune Cartoon Glacier Creek 8th
Rupa Ballamudi Cartoon Glacier Creek 8th
Calli Whitehead Divider Page Glacier Creek 7th
Ella D'Orazio Divider Page Glacier Creek 7th