Destination Imagination team qualifies for nationals

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Glacier Creek’s Destination Imagination team took third place in the middle school division at the Wisconsin Destination Imagination State Tournament on Saturday, April 13 in Stevens Point.

The Safety Third team consists of Nick Chiaverini, Nic Draves, Nareg Megan, Leo Rossmiller, Sam Roquitte, and Tyler Tran, all from Glacier Creek, and Michael Chiaverini, from Sunset Ridge. Marty Chiaverini is the team manager.

The team has also qualified for the Global Finals in Knoxville, Tenn., on May 22-25. 

The team also won a special award called the Renaissance Award for Outstanding Design, Engineering, and Performance. 

Safety Third competed in the In Disguise Team Challenge. Teams were tasked with developing a performance that involved telling a story without talking, writing, or other means of verbal or written communication.  They were evaluated on the originality and clarity of the story. 

They were also required to have at least one character wear a disguise and subsequently change identity during the performance, design and use a "morphing" mask that changed appearance during the performance, and included at least one other type of theatrical mask.  The time limit for the performance was 6 minutes, including setup time. 

At the tournament, teams also performance an Instant Challenge, in which they were given an impromptu task to perform in a few minutes without any knowledge of the task beforehand.  

Safety Third developed a superhero vs. supervillain type of story.  Their performance involved several innovative methods that the DI judges said they had never before seen. These included use of thermochromatic paint to make the morphing mask and special effects generated using an overhead projector situated behind a screen. They also created an elaborate robot costume with operating control panel. Safety Third chose the special effects and robot costume as their Team Choice items to be scored.  They received the highest Team Choice score in their division.