Battle of the Books popular at middle schools

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More than 200 students participated in Battle of the Books competitions at Glacier Creek and Kromrey earlier this month.

A combined 55 teams -- equaling 220 students -- competed against teams at their grade level to answer questions about books from the book list for middle or senior division, advanced learning director Ruth Frawley said.

The following students were on the winning teams:
Glacier Creek
Fifth grade:  Jackson Rademacher, Caden Wisinski, Ales Heuer, John Chafe.
Sixth grade: Sadie Symonds, Olivia Bote, Rachel Yoo, Kate Ravenscroft.
Seventh grade: Sydney Yosick, Leona Frinzi, Rose Giefer, Vashima Ahuja.
Eighth grade: Anaka Srinivas, Grace Steinmentz, Shreya Godishala, Rupa Ballamundi.
Fifth grade: Johnathan Kim, Chris Yang, Hannah Nygard, Aaron Dunk.
Sixth grade: Taylor Nordeng, Claire McLellen, Evelyn Anderson, Annie Leffel.
Seventh grade: Rachel Yard, Lexi Spevacek, Torii Snortum-Haney, Sophie Taylor.
Eighth grade: Ella Roach, Elena Sachetti, Emily Ulfig, Kara Vinje.
A runoff was held at each school involving the teams from grades 5-7 to see which teams would advance to the state middle division competition. The sixth-grade team won at Glacier Creek, while the seventh-grade team won at Kromrey. Those teams, along with the winning eighth-grade teams did an online competition at the state level last week, Frawley sad. 
Meanwhile, approximately 50 third- and fourth-graders competed  competed in the District Battle of the Books competition for elementary students on Feb. 23 at Kromrey Middle School.

All students who participated qualified by taking first place in the Battle of the Books competitions at their home school. Students who participated worked in teams of 3-4 members to read 14 books (third grade) or 20 books (fourth grade). During the competition, students were asked a question related to one book and could earn points by identifying the title (5 points) and the author (2 points). 

District-level winners were: 

Third grade
West Middleton: Ethan Sanders, Jeremiah Kim, and Drew Kick
Fourth grade
Sauk Trail: Carter Kadow, Oliver Mayer, Ryder Broadbridge, and Miles Wagener

The Battle of the Books competition at all six elementary schools was funded by a $3,000 grant from the MCPASD Education Foundation. Each school received $500.