Elm Lawn Takes the Great Kindness Challenge

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Photo from http://www.greatkindnesschallenge.org/

Elm Lawn Takes the Great Kindness Challenge

By Alli, Mrs. Webber and Mr. Conohan
Jounalism Club Staff Writer & Staff Members

Next week, at Elm Lawn, students are participating in the Great Kindness Challenge because the school wants encourage positive actions. The week-long challenge is sponsored by the Elm Lawn PBIS team of Ms. Konsoer, Ms. Waddell, Mrs. Spain, Mrs. Webber, Mrs. Rusch, Mrs. Kenyon, Mrs. Richgels, Mrs. Dregne, Ms. Soin, Mr. Schell and Mrs. Queram. In celebration, the school plans to do fun things.

Monday, classrooms construct Kindness Chains. A Kindness Chain is made from strips of paper that list a kind act that someone performed. The longer the chain, the more kind acts from the members of that classroom.

Tuesday is "Dream of Kindness Day". To celebrate the day, students are encouraged to wear pajamas to school.

"Kindness Literacy Connection" Day happens on Wednesday. Classrooms read books that have a message about kindness. Bring a book from home if you have a good one abuot kindness

Ride the kindness wave on Thursday by bringing in beach gear.

Friday, wear your Elm Lawn t-shirt and have fun at the Great Kindness Challenge Assembly. Students pledge to "Be a Buddy - Not a Bully". Wrist bands will be worn by students.

Other opportunities for kindness will be introduced throughout the week. One thing that Elm Lawn is doing is a “buddy bench”. The “buddy bench” will be for kids to come and sit on if they have no one to play with. If a kid sees someone on the “buddy bench” people can see if they want to play.

For another act of kindness, K-Kids of Elm Lawn are sponsoring a food drive to benefit Middleton Outreach Ministry (MOM). Students are encouraged to bring canned goods or dried goods and place them in the designated box in their classrooms. We hope you are able to participate in this wonderful outreach to our MOM accepts all food (perishable and non-perishable), household cleaners and detergents, diapers, paper products and personal hygiene products. Please, no open containers, glass containers or expired food.

For more information about the Great Kindness Challenge, please visit http://www.greatkindnesschallenge.org/School/event.html