PAC Facility Specifications

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The P.A.C. opened in December of 2002. It has a seating capacity of 899 with the ability to be closed down for more intimacy to 630.  The house is tastefully decorated in light maple, mahogany and rich burgundy. With a full 50-foot fly space over the stage, a large removable orchestra pit cover, a large trap room under the stage, and a Wenger Diva acoustic shell.  The P.A.C. is equipped to handle a wide range of performances.

Technically, the space is top notch. With mostly Electronic Theater Controls lighting equipment, including over 300 dimmers, Three universes of DMX control, an Electronic Theater Controls EOS light board, and hundreds of lighting instruments, including two 1.2 K Lycian Super star Follow spotlights, we feel our P.A.C. compares with not only many universities but with the best theaters in the area. Over the stage there are four electric batons for lighting, two slits over the house, box booms and two follow spot positions.   Our sound system is excellent as well. With a 32-channel Yamaha LS9 digital sound board, sixteen wireless channels built in, multiple amplifiers, speaker clusters, CD and cassette decks; we feel we have great flexibility and power.

There is a full stage cyclorama curtain that usually stays about 40 feet back from the lip of the apron, along with a black traveler, Full stage black scrim, mid stage burgundy draw curtain, guillotine main rag with valance, three borders and five sets of legs. All of the curtains are made of velvet, which gives every production a rich feeling. With all of this over head there are still always many open pipes for flying scenery whenever needed.  The loading bridge at about 42 feet makes the flying easy.

Outside the theater itself, we have a 30x30-scene shop with 18-foot doors leading to on stage. The scene shop itself has all the basic power and hand tools necessary for theater production and the 10x12-garage door makes load in very manageable. There are men’s and women’s dressing rooms behind the stage that have bathrooms and showers and they are connected by a good sized green room that we use for make-up, warm up and rehearsal. The P.A.C. also has a large property storage room, a good- sized costume room, a stage furniture room, a choir robe room and a grand piano garage which houses our seven foot Steinway piano.

The lobby is spectacular. With a large glass atrium, High vaulted ceilings, brick, maple and many display cases, it invites the audience member to enjoy the production before the show even begins. We look forward to hosting your next meeting, concert, recital, production or show.