Our Emerging Bilinguals

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Emerging bilingual students are students who are learning to communicate in multiple languages. These students may be described in different ways.


Some students who communicate using a language other than English at home are English learners. The Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District has approximately 450 English learners, representing 35 different home languages.

All students participating in Sauk Trail Elementary School’s Two-Way Immersion program are emerging bilingual students, as they are learning academic content in two languages: Spanish and English.

A number of emerging bilingual students in the MCPASD’s world language program are developing their language skills in French, German, Mandarin Chinese, and/or Spanish. Approximately 60 middle and high school emerging bilinguals who are heritage speakers of Spanish participate in the Spanish Language Arts courses.

Finally, we acknowledge there are other emerging bilingual students who are not English learners, in the two-way immersion program, or studying a world language through our school district. Some of our emerging bilingual students have learned languages at home, or through travel or community experiences.