Facilities Planning

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The District's latest Facilities Planning process started in August 2016 when the Board of Education asked MCPASD officials to form a committee of community members. The Facilities Planning Committee was made up of more than 20 community members and held approximately 20 meetings between September 2016 and May 2018 when it completed its work. 

FPC Members
Luke Francois (co-chair)
Bob Hesselbein (co-chair)
Jack Hemb
Dorothy Paler
Sara Ludtke
Abbie Rodriguez
Heidi Casey
Luke Fuszard
Alejandro Martinez
Farhan Khatri
Paul Braun
Bill Vogel
Mike Gall
Ryan Kallies
Mark Opitz
Seth Johnson
Sam Wilson
Kendra Cleary (served until fall of 2017)
Karin Zuegge (served until fall of 2017)
Laura Albert (served until fall of 2017)
District support: Park Principal Monica Schommer, MHS Principal Steve Plank, former Glacier Creek Principal Bill Deno

Past Committee Meeting Dates

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes

Full Meeting Summaries

Other Documents