Online Course Support

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Link to Online Course Portal:

Monitoring Student Progress:
Please view this screencast

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I see my student's online progress in Infinite Campus? 
Generally no. While final grades are posted in Infinite Campus around the end of each semester, the best place to see your student's current online progress is by logging into the online system through your guardian account. You can do this by going to and entering your username and password which was emailed when your student was first enrolled. If you no longer have that information, use the Forgot My Login link to have the information re-sent. For more detailed information on checking your student's progress, please view this screencast.

If your student is enrolled in a brick and mortar class, their progress in those classes should still be accessed through Infinite Campus.

How do I find my student's teacher's contact information?
Both you and your student should be able to find this in Genius by logging in and going to Course Information on the left-side menu.

Why can't my student access his/her courses?
There could be several reasons this is happening: 
1) If your student is clicking the link to go into their course and nothing happens/the page just continues to refresh, this means they are logged in with a guardian account. Have the student log out and click the Forgot my Login link to have their username and password re-sent. If this doesn't resolve the issue, contact eSchool staff.
2) Your student's course may be expired. If your student was previously enrolled in a course and now that course is no longer showing up and/or your student cannot submit any assignments in the course, this likely means their end date has passed and they need to contact eSchool staff to ask about an extension.
3) Your student's computer is receving an error message. Please see Troubleshooting Tips below for ways to resolve this issue before contacting eSchool staff.
4) The online system is down. While this is possible, it only happens a couple times during the year and typically is down for less than half an hour. If your student is having issues accessing their course over the span of a couple hours and you have not heard from eSchool staff regarding a system outage, please try the Troubleshooting Tips below, then contact eSchool staff ASAP for help if the issue is still not resolved.
5) Your student has not yet been enrolled in the course. If your student was expecting an online course and it has not yet shown up, please contact eSchool staff.

How often is my student's progress updated in the online system?
Students can view live updates of their progress by going into the course and clicking on the Performance icon (looks like a dial). This shows real-time updates, even if a student just submitted an assignment that is not yet graded.

Through your guardian account, you can view your student's Gradebook which is updated overnight, every night. 

Troubleshooting Tips:

"I keep getting an error message when I try to log in."

"When I click on a lesson, all I see is a white screen."

  • Look for a shield in the right corner of your URL bar. Click on the shield, then on the link that says "Load Unsafe Scripts." Do not be alarmed! This is safe and appropriate.
  • Clear browsing history including cache

"I can't get an assignment to open on my Chromebook."

  • Hover over the assignment link and/or download the assignment. If it ends in .rtf, follow these steps to convert it to a readable format.
  • Access the assignment on another type of computer (PC or MAC), save it as a .docx then upload into your Google Drive.

"I keep receiving 0s when I submit assignments using Google Docs" and/or "My teacher keeps saying they cannot open my assignments"

  • Click on the assignment score on your Performance page to see your teacher's feedback.
  • Review steps and options for submitting Google Documents in your online courses.

"The course says that I need Adobe Flash to view the content, how do I get it to work?"

  • View this screencast or follow these directions:
    • Click three dots in upper right of Chrome
    • Select settings
    • In search at the top; type flash
    • Click on Content settings by the yellow "flash"
    • Click on flash settings icon (puzzle piece)
    • Make sure allow sites to run is turned on (blue) AND ask first is off (grey)
    • Refresh your page or log out and back in