MHS Online Students

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Middleton High School Students

MHS students have the option to enroll in up to two online courses per semester as part of their MHS course schedule. Registration for online courses occurs during the regular MHS course registration process. Students who are interested in adding or changing online courses outside the registration window will need to meet the MHS schedule change criteria. Students should schedule a time to meet with their MHS counselor to discuss any interest in taking an online course.


Enrolling in an Online Course:

MHS students wanting to enroll in an online course may do so as part of their MHS Course Registration. Any additions or changes after that point follow the MHS Schedule Change policy. If you have additional questions about enrolling in an online class, please contact your MHS Counselor.

Please click here for a list of online course options.

Course descriptions can be found here. Please note: There may be courses listed that are not currently being offered. Please refer to the online course options list for the most current information.


Dropping an Online Course:

Online courses have a different drop deadline from MHS courses. Please be sure to review the MHS Online Course Expectations if you are not sure about this date.


Final Exams:

All online final exams need to be proctored. You can set this up with Ms. Ripp in the CLC. All assignments and any redoes must be submitted and graded before a student will be cleared to take the final exam. Students must pass the final exam to pass the course, however teachers will provide additional opportunities to achieve a passing grade on the exam as long as the student is able to complete this before the course end date.


Additional Information:

MHS Online Course Expectations