Part-Time Enrollment

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Middleton High School Students

MHS students have the option to enroll in up to two online courses per semester as part of their MHS course schedule. Registration for online courses occurs during the regular MHS course registration process. Students who are interested in adding or changing online courses outside the registration window will need to meet the MHS schedule change criteria. Students should schedule a time to meet with their MHS counselor to discuss any interest in taking an online course.

Clark Street Community School Students

CSCS students have the option to enroll in online courses as part of their Personal Learning Plan. Interested students should talk to their Advisor about integrating an online course into their schedule.

K-8 MCPASD Students

MCPASD district policy does not allow students to enroll part-time in online courses except under extenuating circumstances (i.e. appropriate level of course is not available). If you feel that your student requires an online course to meet their learning needs, please contact your student's school principal.

MCPASD Homeschool Families

MCPASD residents who are registered as homeschool families with DPI are allowed to enroll in up to two online courses per semester. If you are interested in enrolling, please contact the district Registrar's Office for additional information.

Non-Resident Families

Non-resident families are able to apply to take up to two courses through the 21st Century eSchool through part-time open enrollment. If you are requesting courses that are taught by a teacher with a different Wisconsin eSchool Network partner district, you will be referred to apply through part-time open enrollment to that district.