Curriculum Information

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The 21st Century eSchool accesses various curriculum options based on student grade and family need. We have a primary curriculum for each grade level but also offer some alternative options that have been piloted by 21st Century eSchool families in the past. All primary curriculums are accessed through the Agilix Buzz Learning Management System where both students and parents/guardians have access to view updated course progress throughout the school year.

All full-time 21st Century eSchool students have the option to choose up to two courses in a MCPASD brick and mortar school on a space available basis. Families are responsible for providing transportation to and from these classes. These courses may include core content and/or elective courses and 21st Century eSchool staff will support families in choosing and scheduling these courses.

In order to be considered a full-time student, students must enroll in a minimum of five courses per term through the 21st Century eSchool (brick and mortar classes are included in this count). 

Your student's curriculum plan will be discussed during a Personal Learning Plan meeting near the beginning of the school year (or when you enroll in the program) with 21st Century eSchool staff to determine courses and curriculum that will best meet your student's needs.

Grades K-5:

Lincoln Learning Solutions: Core content is integrated for grades K-2 then separated by subject for grades 3-5. 

Alternative curriculum options are available through programs such as FuelEd/K12 and subject-specific providers such as Math Mammoth, Story of Us and other family-piloted curriculas.

Grades 6-12:

The 21st Century eSchool is a partner with the Wisconsin eSchool Network, using both MCPASD and statewide licensed teachers to teach curriculum provided through Florida Virtual Schools (FLVS), eDynamic Learning, Carone Fitness and Middlebury Foreign Languages.