Student Fees

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2016-17 Fees



Consumable Fee (Grades 1-4; formerly textbook rental fee)


Consumable Fee  (Kindergarten)


Orchestra Lesson Book $8

Music Instrument Rental Fee (through school) -Band/Orchestra (Orchestra includes violin, cello, bass)


In-school orchestra rental fee (instrument stays in school)  Cello/bass $25

Writing Without Tears (Kindergarten)


Math Workbook (Grades 1-4)


Middle School


Consumable Fee (Grades 5-8; formerly textbook rental fee)


Intramural Fee/Club User Fee (Per Club)


Athletic User Fee (Per Sport)


Yearbook Fee (Optional)


Lock-In/Spirit Night


Upham Woods


World Language Ear Buds (Optional)


Music Instrument Rental Fee-Band/Orchestra $50

In-school orchestra rental fee (instrument stays in school)  Cello/bass


Music Instrument Summer Rental Fee Orchestra $25

Student Locks (2)** (Kromrey only)


Student Locks (1)** (Kromrey only) $5

High School


Activity Pass (Family)


Activity Pass (Student)


Athletic Fee (Per Sport)


Club User Fee (Per Club)


Consumable Fee (Grades 9-12; formerly textbook rental fee)


Graduation Fee




Lock Fee-9th


Music Instrument Rental Fee-Band/Orchestra


Music Instrument Rental Fee -Percussion


In-school orchestra rental fee (instrument stays in school)  Cello/bass $25

Student Parking Fee:***


        4th Quarter (Optional)


          Semester (Optional)


           Year (Optional)


Senior Trip Fee


Student Planner


Red Cross Lifeguard Certification


Yearbook (optional)


Certified Nursing Assistant


Consumable Fee (formerly textbook fee)


* Schools will provide, but if parents want to purchase their own, the school will facilitate a purchase with the music company.


*** State/County sales tax will be added to this fee amount.


**Kromrey Only - Currently students purchase locks when they enter the high school. Because of the new lockers at Kromrey, students will be able to purchase the locks at middle school and use through high school. Glacier Creek students will continue to  purchase their locks when they enter high school.