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The Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District uses Infinite Campus to take attendance, post assignments and grades and organize census data for our students and families. Infinite Campus has developed the Campus Portal, a web portal tool, to allow parents/guardians the ability to view the records of their child(ren) via the internet. 

Access to student information empowers parents to have improved communication with their children about their academic experience. This tool is not meant to replace the personal contact we wish to have with our students and their families. Our hope is that it will enhance communication between home and school so that those personal contacts become even more meaningful.

Users of the Campus Portal will have access to the following information:

  • Personal/Household Data
  • School Notices
  • Student Fees
  • Calendar
  • Attendance
  • Immunizations
  • Class Assignments and/or Grades
  • Class Schedules
  • Student Assessments
  • Report Cards
  • Transcripts
  • Portal Preferences

The Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District reserves the right to add to or remove any of the above functions from the Campus Portal at any time.


Logging into Campus Portal 

Click on Campus Portal under Quick Links tab on the right.
The District issues each parent a user name and temporary password.  Once you log in and enter a recovery email, you will be able to recover your user name and password.
If you do need a temporary password, either contact campus portal helpline at 829-9600 or email
Once you log in, you will then need to set a strong password that needs to be at least 6 characters, including a capital letter, and number.  (You’ll know when your password is acceptable when you reach 100%.) 

 It will ask you for your current password to save changes, and you should enter the temporary password.  

Account Management
After setting your password, please navigate to Account Management, located on the left menu. It’s important to complete this part, or the system will eventually lock you out.

Since you just reset your password, you can leave the password portion blank.
Set Password Recovery Email: 
Type in your recovery email.
Set User Preferences:  You need to click on eight likes and eight dislikes.  (You will not be able to progress any further until you choose all of your likes/dislikes - 8 of each.)  The likes and dislikes are used to as a security measure if you forget your user name or password. 
Campus Portal App
If you would like to set up the portal on your mobile app, simply download the app, type in the District number NLLJWP and log in.
What to do if you are locked out of the Campus Portal
If for some reason you are locked out, click on HELP and either choose Forgot my User Name or Forgot my password.  If you completed the likes and dislikes under Account Management, the system will show you photos and ask you to choose four of your likes or dislikes.  Once you select four, it will send you your password.
If this doesn’t work, please contact the campus portal help desk at 829-9600, or email to have your account reset.  
How to find your child’s grades (Grades 5-12)
You can see grades in two places on the Campus Portal.  Grades appear under Grades when a teacher uploads grades into the system.  You can also find more details if you scroll to Schedule.  Double click on the name of the class to see more detail (homework assignments, quiz results, etc.)
How to view Progress Reports/Report Cards
If you scroll to Reports on the left menu, you will be able to create a PDF of a report card.  The reports tab will not appear until the first report card is generated for students 4K-4th grade.    The report cards are also not available on the mobile app.  
How to change contact information
If you need to change a work number, cell number, etc. you can click on Update and the registrar’s office will change it in the system.  Please contact the registrar’s office for other changes, such as change in primary physician.  You can email the registrar's office at reg@mcpasd,k12,

Expected Use of the Campus Portal

In order to provide the Campus Portal to parents/guardians in a manner that allows teachers to focus their energies on student learning and assessment, please follow these expectations:

  • If you have a question about a particular course subject, please contact the teacher directly for clarification. You may also consult with the school office staff or principal.
  • Remember, all things in moderation. Real-time access does not mean that you need to be checking the system constantly.

Users of Campus Portal are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Users will act in a responsible, legal and ethical manner.
  2. Users will not attempt to access data or any other account owned by another user.
  3. Users will not use Campus Portal for any illegal activity, including violation of privacy laws.
  4. Users will not share their password with anyone.
  5. Users who violate these guidelines or the protocol listed above may be denied access to Campus Portal.

System Requirements

  • Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher (PC),  or Safari (Mac)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Internet Connection

Printable Documennts

Logging into the Campus Portal (printable PDF)

Information about the Campus Portal*(printable PDF)

*The above document includes the following topics:

  • Data Interpretation Instructions
  • Viewable Information in the Campus Portal
  • Personal and Household  Data
  • Household Information
  • Family Information
  • Student Demographics
  • Calendar
  • Reports
  • Attendance
  • Schedule
  • Transportation
  • Payments (Student Fees and School Fees)
  • Immunizations
  • eTranscripts (High School)
  • To Do List
  • Assessment
  • Guidance Contacts
  • User Account
  • Contact Preferences