Budget Information

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The budget represents the financial plan to achieve the educational objectives of the school district. Development of the school district budget begins with a review of current year programs and services, analysis of student enrollment/ demographics, consideration of community expectations, and review of major factors that impact the budget (i.e. revenue limit & state equalization aid projections, revenue estimates, staff wage & benefit increases).

The Assistant Superintendent of Business Services coordinates development of the budget under the direction of the Superintendent. The budget process is comprised of five phases: planning, preparation, approval / adoption, implementation, and review / evaluation.

A budget development timetable and guidelines are developed by the administration and reviewed with the Board to provide a framework for development of the budget by district staff. Individual administrators determine the process and extent of involvement for developing the budget within their area of responsibility. Major budget issues and staffing recommendations are reviewed by the Administrative Team.


School Finance/ Budget Development Links

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Audit Reports

2016-17 Audit Report.pdf

2015-16 Audit Report
2014-15 Audit Report

2013-14 Audit Report
2012-13 Audit Report
2011-12 Audit Report

2010-11 Audit Report
2009-10 Audit Report
2008-09 Audit Report
2007-08 Audit Report
2006-07 Audit Report

Other Reports/Resources
Moody's Investors Service Rating Update Report (February 2017)

WASSA-Baird Report on Revenue Limits (2017)

MCPASD Post-Employment Benefits Resolution Trust Agreement

Post-Employment Liability Benefits Study (July 2016)

Post-Employment Liability Benefits Study (July 2014)

Focus: New Property Tax Bills for 2013-14: School Levies total $4.7 billion (Article by The Wisconsin Taxpayer)

2013 Property Taxes in Review & School Staffing Update (Article by The Wisconsin Taxpayer)

Understanding the Property Tax Bill (Article by Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance)

Community Growth & Projections Report (Roffers Consulting; December 2016)

APL Enrollment Projection Report (December 2016)
APL Enrollment Projection Report (December 2015
APL Enrollment Projection Report (December 2014)

APL Enrollment Projection Report (December 2013)

APL Enrollment Projection Report (November 2012)
APL Enrollment Projection Report (November 2011) 
APL Enrollment Projection Report (November 2010)

Enrollment Presentation (November 2010)

Other Links

Department of Public Instruction

Wisconsin Department of Revenue

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Budget Development Links

2016-17 Capital Maintenance Presentation

2015-16 Capital Maintenance Presentation

2014-15 Capital Maintenance Presentation

2013-14 Capital Maintenance Presentation

2012-13 Capital Maintenance Presentation


Capital Maintenance Projects/Budgets

2016-17 Projects Location Estimated cost
Fire alarm system upgrade West Middleton $70,000
Heating, air conditioning system replacement offices DOC $14,500
Septic pump replacement Sunset Ridge $10,00
Metal exterior panel renovation (paint) Northside $12,000
Roof replacement A-24, 766 SF, B-9, 56 SF MHS $275,000
Roof coating rehabilitation E, E1, E2-21, 56 SF MHS $56,000
Roof replacement, penthouse removal & roofing repair MHS $20,000
Roof replacement over entrances, includes gutter system Elm Lawn $10,000
Roof replacement area B, D, E 525 SF Sunset Ridge $170,000
Physical education addition stucco renovation Sauk Trail $15,000
Carpet replacement classrooms, offices 670 yards CSCS $23,000
Classroom painting CSCS $5,500
Gym floor replacement Park $90,000
Carpet replacement-Library Park $35,000
Toilet partition replacement Sunset Ridge $17,000
Door No. 6 gym door replacement Sauk Trail $25,000
Bathroom remodeling Park $18,000
Concrete replacement-sidewalk, ST bike path,
MHS to city path
District $15,000
Playground surfacing replacement (allowance) District $22,500
Path renovation, replacement Elm Lawn $20,000
Tennis court resurfacing MHS $14,500
Garage Sauk Trail $12,000


2015-16 Projects Location Estimated Cost
Direct Digital Control upgrade MHS $94,500
Water softener replacement Sauk Trail $6,000
Water softener replacement Northside $6,000
Roof replacement areas E, F 17,500 SF Park $130,000
Remove chimney prior to roof renovation Park $3,000
Exterior door #7-8 replacement, #11 frame replacement Northside $17,000
Exterior door #2 replacement Park $20,000
Lighting renovation library Northside $10,000
Carpet replacement LMC Northside $20,000
Carpet replacement main hallway West Middleton $30,000
Exterior door #12 replacement West Middleton $9,000
Wood lockers & cubbies replacement West Middleton $40,000
Camera and access controls-lease purchase payment District $75,000
Asphalt replacement South Lot Sunset Ridge $279,500
Concrete additions/replacements: EL fire exit,
MHS fire exits, miscellaneous
District $40,000
Playground surfacing replacement allowance District $25,000
Track structural spray surfacing renovation District $120,000