New videos, lots of coverage of referendum

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Four new, short videos that look at Kromrey Middle School and provide background on why the Board of Education decided to put two referendum questions on the Nov. 6 general election ballot are now available to view.

All four videos were produced and edited by Dea Kruger of the MHS media production department and Community Relations Specialist Perry Hibner. The interviews and footage were shot in May 2012.

All of the videos are available on YouTube. Two are approximately 30 seconds in length, while none is longer than 2 minutes.

The first video contains interviews with a number of Kromrey students about what it's like to be a student at the school. The second video is an interview with principal Steve Soeteber where he also discusses what it is like to go to school there. The third video is an interview with Kromrey head custodian Tom Gundeck, while the fourth video has associate principal Bill Deno talking about the growth of the school.

"We're proud of all four videos, along with the three we finished in the spring,'' Hibner said. "We think put together they provide compelling reasons for why we're proposing the changes we are.''

There are two questions on the ballot. The first is a capital question of $59.8 million to rebuild and expand Kromrey and expand Glacier Creek Middle School. Fifth-graders would also move to the middle schools. By doing that the district would relieve overcrowding at all six of its elementary schools, which are currently 2-33 percent overcapacity.

The second question is an operational question of $797,000, which covers the extra utility costs of two larger buildings, along with the extra custodians needed to clean the facilities and an extra administrator and support staff to help with the fifth-graders coming to the schools.

The referendum has also received a lot of media coverage these past two weeks. The Wisconsin State Journal did a front-page story on its Local section in its Sunday, Oct. 21 newspaper, while WISC-Ch. 3 featured the story on its 6 p.m. newscast on Tuesday, Oct. 23. WMTV-Ch. 15 did a story on its newscast at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 30.

To learn more about the referendum, including voting information, site and floor plans and a calculator to figure out the tax impact for you, please visit the 2012 Referendum webpage.